Art Deco Walk

Ronse has a beautiful art deco heritage. This can be discovered in 3 ways:

* The visitor buys a a leaflet with a route at the Tourist Office for 2,50 euro. This is a very useful brochure that shows you which way to go. The explanation is also translated in French. More info:

* You can book a guide and follow the expert, but reservations are necessary. Please call Tourism Ronse at number 055 23 28 16 or mail to .
All possible guided tours available can be found at:
Even the interior of an art deco house can be booked, but only as a guided excursion.
The guides are real ambassadors and very flexible!

* Extreme fun is also the free app that can be downloaded through
One of the three heritage trails in Ronse is a popular GPS guided Art Deco walk with interviews of residents, fragments of interiors … Definitely a remarkable experience.

Food on foot

Food on Foot takes you on an amazing walk with extensive picnic, made to measure.

Strolling with friends or family through nature with a comfortable extensive picnic afterwards, what more could you wish for?
Food on Foot takes you into the area around Ronse where the Flemish Ardennes and Le Pays des Collines blend together, offering beautiful views, intimate paths and wonderful forests.
During your hike, the “Food on Foot”-team provides you with a great meal prepared with local specialties and exquisite ingredients.
Enjoying nature and fine food, that’s what we stand for.

Discover the walks

Keun: micro-brewery in Ronse/Renaix

Keun is a small-scale, artisan brewery, officially recognized since April 2016. A maximum of 400 liters of beer is brewed per month, one-off experiments, limited edition beers, special editions. The brewery has its own hop field, with ten different varieties (British, German, American but also rare Belgian), which can largely be brewed with hops of own breeding.

Brewery visit: It explains how the different ingredients and brewing methods determine the taste of the beer. Check out what equipment is needed for a micro brewery, visit your own hop field and get an answer to all your biovolts. Of course with tasting.

Duration 1.5 hours and price 8 € / pp (groups less than 13 pers: 100 €)

Lectures and tasting: about beer history, beer styles, the brewing process, beer tastings or the factors that determine the taste. On request or according to the wishes of both the brewery and the location.

Microbrewery KEUN, Populierstraat 13, Ronse,,, T 0476 40 17 09

De Ijsmolenhoeve – adventure for kids

The Ijsmolenhoeve is the ideal outdoor location for a day out with its own children’s farm and adventure party. Thanks to this unique concept, they can offer their guests a pleasant mix of animal, nature and adventure (including laser shooting)! Sublime location right at the foot of the “Muziekbos”.

Kanarieberg 1, 9600 Ronse, T 055 609 607

The ijsmolenhoeve is part of Tsjaka Adventure, a young and dynamic team that organizes events for groups, schools and companies (team building, communion and birthday parties, etc.). < /a>

City Golf in Ronse/Renaix

Discover the beautiful Ronse with City Golf. Go around the city and learn to discover Ronse in a playful way. The trail will take about 2 hours / 2.5 km. City Golf is for everyone. Ideal as team building, family day out, …

Info and reservation: City Golf events, 0498 39 56 94 .

Price: 20 € / pp (inform to discounts for groups starting from 10 pers.).

Rosalie’s walk for children

Hurray, It’s Rosalie’s birthday! Rosalie is the tomboy of the ducklings. Today is her birthday! Her friends have forgotten her birthday and Rosalie is very sad. But they didn’t really forget her: as a surprise they have just hid in the city. Find Rosalie’s friends and celebrate !!

Start at Tourism Ronse (at 5′ walking distance from Adelaide).

Possible from Wednesday to Sunday: from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm

October and November and on public holidays: Only possible during the weekend from 14h to 17h.

Participation: 5 € / child (Entrance fee for the crypt included for 2 adults). Do not forget to bring your pencil or pen.

Tired of dragging your backpack around or is your little sister tired? Then hire a Rosaliebolderkar at the Tourism Service.

The map of Taste

This map allows you to make a city walk from Wednesday to Sunday, where tasting of local specialties is central.

It carries the name “Freedom”, from the 10th century until the French Revolution, this was a town within the city. In this heritage there are special viewing boxes that allow you a glimpse of the past of Freedom.

Recommended! Cost 15 €, for sale at Tourism Ronse:

The Must: Textiles Museum

The Must is an old textile factory where – under the guidance of a guide – you can discover the departments of raw materials, preparation and weaving, as well as the laboratory, the workshop of the foreman and the steam engine. One of the main attractions in undoubtedly the weaving mill, where the visitor gets an overview of the technical evolution in this sector between 1900 and 2000, using about 40 working looms.

High Fashion, The Biesestraat2, Ronse (at 5′ walking distance from Adelaide)

T 055 23 28 16

Or book a guide: T 055 23 28 16

The Crypt

The Crypt of Ronse (at 1′ walking distance from Adelaide) is unique and can not be missed. The Crypt serves as a repository for the relics of Saint-Hermes, patron saint of the nervous and mental illnesses. In the Middle Ages, Ronse was an important religious center. Pilgrims came from far and wide to ask for help and healing. The eleventh-century building has 32 columns, has beautiful natural stone walls, a hidden tomb and a water well with bathrooms for the sick visitors. You will also find a permanent exhibition of all archeological discoveries since 1948. You can also see the so-called “zottenboek”, a guestbook for the pilgrims. There are audio guides available in 4 languages.

March 1st to September 30th: Tues. Sunday: from 10-12h and 14-17h, closed on monday, open on public holidays / 1 oct. Until 30 Nov .: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 14-17u / 1 dedc. Until Feb 28: closed

Tickets Individual + Audio Guide Included: Adults: € 5.00, Children Up to 12 J: Free, Ticket Must + Crypt: € 8.00

Guided tour guide: 2.50 euro + guide € 30.00 / hour

TV prize for Adelaide

TV programme: Vlaanderen Vakantieland in Adelaide

Adelaide one of the 15 winners:
Contest promovideos

An expert jury compared more than 140 candidates on Tuesday, January 26th.
The winners were selected based on scores on the following criteria:
· The host of the holiday home
· Logies and story of the owner/host
· Destination and activities nearby

The jury consisted of:
· Rutger Beckers (Managing Partner productiehuis Sputnik Media)
· Hans Depuydt (Producer Vlaanderen Vakantieland, De Madammen Radio 2)
· Toon Berckmoes (Expert in Cultuur & Toerisme, IDEA Consult)
· Raf Stevens (Communicatie expert storytelling)

The 15 winners are:
B&B ‘t Heerenhuys Ursel – B&B
De Swaenhoeck – Holiday home
Brokantie – Holiday home
De Borgerij – Holiday home
B&B PassaDia – B&B
Hubertahoeve – B&B
Arck – B&B
Hof van Verbeelding – Holiday home
De Tornaco – B&B
Keyartmolen – B&B
Botel Ophoven – Hotel
Biendomo – B&B
Adelaide – Holiday home
B&B De Rentmeesterhoeve – B&B
Kruishof – Hotel

Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza, recognized as Belgium’s most beautiful zoo
Visit the giant pandas, gorillas, orangutans, koalas … An absolute must for young and old!
Domaine de Cabron in Brugelette, about 40 min from Ronse.