TV prize for Adelaide

TV programme: Vlaanderen Vakantieland in Adelaide

Adelaide one of the 15 winners:
Contest promovideos

An expert jury compared more than 140 candidates on Tuesday, January 26th.
The winners were selected based on scores on the following criteria:
· The host of the holiday home
· Logies and story of the owner/host
· Destination and activities nearby

The jury consisted of:
· Rutger Beckers (Managing Partner productiehuis Sputnik Media)
· Hans Depuydt (Producer Vlaanderen Vakantieland, De Madammen Radio 2)
· Toon Berckmoes (Expert in Cultuur & Toerisme, IDEA Consult)
· Raf Stevens (Communicatie expert storytelling)

The 15 winners are:
B&B ‘t Heerenhuys Ursel – B&B
De Swaenhoeck – Holiday home
Brokantie – Holiday home
De Borgerij – Holiday home
B&B PassaDia – B&B
Hubertahoeve – B&B
Arck – B&B
Hof van Verbeelding – Holiday home
De Tornaco – B&B
Keyartmolen – B&B
Botel Ophoven – Hotel
Biendomo – B&B
Adelaide – Holiday home
B&B De Rentmeesterhoeve – B&B
Kruishof – Hotel