Art Deco Walk

Ronse has a beautiful art deco heritage. This can be discovered in 3 ways:

* The visitor buys a a leaflet with a route at the Tourist Office for 2,50 euro. This is a very useful brochure that shows you which way to go. The explanation is also translated in French. More info:

* You can book a guide and follow the expert, but reservations are necessary. Please call Tourism Ronse at number 055 23 28 16 or mail to .
All possible guided tours available can be found at:
Even the interior of an art deco house can be booked, but only as a guided excursion.
The guides are real ambassadors and very flexible!

* Extreme fun is also the free app that can be downloaded through
One of the three heritage trails in Ronse is a popular GPS guided Art Deco walk with interviews of residents, fragments of interiors … Definitely a remarkable experience.